Using Diabetes Logbook

How to Use the Diabetes Logbook

Logbook is primarily used to monitor the blood glucose level so that it can be properly checked and thus maintained. Using Diabetes Logbook is of utmost help to the healthcare professional who is treating you but you need to be aware of how to use the logbook correctly. The treatment can be properly maintained with its help.

The diabetes logbook helps to track your monthly food, exercise and glucose readings. It also tracks your intake of insulin and blood sugar level. This is helpful in knowing how your blood sugar is responding to the foods which you are taking, different activities which you are performing as well as medication doses which you are taking. A few of the diabetes diaries also have flexible format so you can start from any month or day and continue to use it without much efforts.

Some of the diabetes logbooks contain additional sections for the health care provider, a diabetes recipe collection section; you can also include various facts about diabetes in an altogether new section as well as taking care of the diabetes during special times.

Maintaining a logbook

It is considered to be of crucial importance in the treatment of diabetes. Since you can write down the number so it becomes easier to see the blood sugar patterns and know whether there is any risk or not. It becomes difficult to remember the multiple blood sugar numbers at the same time so the log book can help a lot.

Various Types of Logbooks

Apart from the simple logbooks there are a few complex and intensive logbooks also available, these are helpful in capturing those variables which affect the blood sugar level as well as the time of the day, the amount of carbohydrates and sugar which you have taken, a complete food diary, type of medication which you are basically taking, the duration for which you everyday perform the physical exercise as well as any stressful conditions. This logbook will be of utmost importance when you are taking multiple doses of insulin.

WeeklyTrackTM daily diabetes log book is effectively used for tracking the medication of adults who suffer from diabetes. It is colour coded book and you can record diabetes information on a daily basis like the glucose readings, medication doses, carbohydrates intake. This book can be used by all the patients who are suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, it is helpful to all who may be on diabetes pills, insulin pump, or insulin injections.
Online also various logbooks are available which you can make use of in case you don’t want to write the details on a piece of paper, so you can simply store them online as per your satisfaction. A few logbooks like Diabetes Logbook X apart from all the basic information also include the ketone tests, weight, height, body mass index.

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