Vaginal Bacteria Infection

Precaution of Vaginal Bacteria Infection and its Treatment

Vaginal bacteria infection is curable. Home remedies are best options but major concern should be investigating root cause of imbalance which creates infection. Don’t be over zealous hygiene. Avoid harsh perfumes around the vaginal region and avoid antibiotic medicines. Take special care in sexual relationship.

Uniqueness of vagina lies in its ability to create an environment for maintaining balance between available bacteria and hormonal changes happening in body.

Symptoms of vaginal infections occur once ecosystem changes due to various factors involved like intake of antibiotics, oral and topical contraceptive usage, douches, repeated change of sexual partners, vaginal medication, sexually transmitted diseases and stress amongst others.

Few vaginal infections occur due to unsafe sexual contact but there are many other factors too including yeast infection, hormonal changes or trauma.

Usually vaginal bacteria infections have causal relationship with other diseases. Out of the many infections three commonest ones are bacterial vaginosis, vaginal yeast infection and trichomoniasis. Causes may vary but their symptoms remain same except varied treatment procedures. Sufferers don’t even get clue of these infections and consider vaginal bacteria infections a type of yeast infection rather.

Women start treating themselves through self-medication and land them into complicate situations. Vaginal infections shouldn’t be treated by over-the-counter yeast infection medicines. Don’t treat it through guessing. Do proper recognition of symptoms and diagnosis under the guidance of medical experts.

Causes of Vaginal Infection: Common causes of vaginal bacteria infection or vaginitis is bacterial vaginosis. Ratio of this cause accounts for 50% of total cases. Change in bacteria is primary reason of bacterial vaginosis in the vaginal region. Unnecessary growth of Gardnerella vaginalis organism invites painful situations. Major risk factors of vaginal bacterial infections are pregnancy, intrauterine device use and douching on regular intervals.

These situations arise due to sexual activities as well when unsafe sex or multiple sexual partners are involved. Women abstaining sexual intercourse or going with safe sex rarely get affected by such symptoms. Sharing toilet seats, bedding or swimming pools don’t cause this infection.

Symptoms of Vaginal Infection: Itching, vaginal discharge and burning are common symptoms of various vaginitis. Though there are similarities in symptoms but some difference still arises like colour and smell of discharge. Often vaginal discharges are normal in childbearing women. Normal vaginal discharge may occur due to sexual excitement or emotional stresses. Such discharges are mucus-like secretions which don’t create problem.

Prevention: Sufferers must take better steps to improve health. Personal hygiene is crucial for prevention. Avoid synthetic undergarments and clip finger nails short. Condom use during intercourse and avoidance of non-vegetarian diets like fish, chicken and egg for few days proves fruitful. Take fresh green vegetables, milk and ghee to improve body metabolism. Cold hip bath taken twice a day relieves congestion in pelvic region for better improvement.

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