Varicocele Treatment without Surgery

What Are The Varicocele Treatments Without Surgery

The surgical interventions for vaicocele in these days are causing a lot of financial responsibility to the one who will avail it. In addition to that, this has some sort of risks that you may possibly experience. With this, you have to learn the varicocele treatment without surgery.

It is always given that the surgical remedies for certain disease like in the case of varicocele requires you to spend great deal of amount. If you are a patient who has limited financial resources, this may sound as a burden to you. In connection with this, you have to be aware of the varicocele treatment without surgery.

What is Varicocele?

Varicocele is a condition that affects the sexual organ of the compromised person. in this situation, there is dilation of the part of the male reproductive system named as spermatic cord. According to experts, this is the most common reproductive system alteration in men that lead to infertility. Infertility happens here because of the dilation of the spermatic cord. This happening compromises the passage, reproduction and maturation of the sperm. Thus, this leads to low sperm count. The nonsurgical treatment for varicocele comprises of:

  • Limiting Saturated Fat Ingestion
  • Intake of Vitamin b Complex
  • Intake of Selenium

Limit Saturated Fat Intake

It is said that the main cause of the occurrence of varicocele is poor diet. The first non-surgical intervention for the condition involves eating foods that will provide nourishment to your spermatic cord. You have to limit your fat intake. Based from the recent studies, increase in the fat intake particularly the saturated fats compresses the affected part of the male reproductive system. When the spermatic cord is compressed, there is blockage of the ejection of sperm during sexual intercourse. This will eventually lead to infertility and worsening of the condition. It is advised that you must eat foods rich in unsaturated fats. This is the type of fat that will be easily metabolized by your body.

Increase Intake of Vitamin B Complex

Varicocele is characterized not only with the blockage of the spermatic cord but also with weak veins. When the veins are weak, there is less blood supply to the compromised part. In relation to this, the next nonsurgical intervention for varicocele is eating foods that are rich in Vitamin B complex. This is a nutrient that promotes improvement in the integrity of the vessels particularly your veins. Particularly, this improves the integrity of the walls of the tunica intima of your veins. Vitamin b complex is usually found in glandular organs and meats.


Another nonsurgical intervention for varicocele that also concentrates in the enhancement of your reproductive system vessels is by ingesting foods rich in selenium. This nutrient is effective in nerve damage brought by free radicals. Not only is that because this is responsible in enhancing the Vitamin E absorption in your body. When Vitamin E is properly absorbed, it provides nourishment to the damaged cells in your vessels. In addition to that, selenium also promotes elasticity of the tissues in your spermatic cord.

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