Vegetables that lower Blood Pressure

What Vegetables to Eat for High Blood Pressure

There are vegetables that lower blood pressure. If you are doing your grocery, it is wise to fill your cart with vegetables. Make sure that you lean on those that can lower and maintain the blood pressure. The key to knowing more is to read some information about vegetables to combat blood pressure.

In past it was considered to cut your salt consumption completely and have a long set of exercises and physical therapies in order to control your blood pressure. But with the advancement in nutritional sciences, it is found that consumption of various vegetables can also control your blood pressure to a greater extent. At the same time, it is a natural way to control blood pressure – which means highest reliability and best cure than any other antibiotics. There are a number of vegetables that are known and famous for controlling and minimizing a high blood pressure. These vegetables are extensively used by all age group to lower blood pressure.

Go for different Grocery

First of all, you should try to change your shopping of grocery. You should try to avoid canned vegetables unless they are not marked as ‘sodium free’. Instead, you should go for fresh vegetables that can be found in a number of large compendium stores. These stores keep some really fresh and healthy vegetables in a healthy and fresh environment. You cart should be mostly filled with cabbage, cauliflower, radish, potatoes and similar herbs.

Do not use Oil for Cooking

This is the most common and mostly adopted technique to lower your blood pressure by vegetables. You should not cook your vegetables in oil. This adds fats and salts to the meal, which in turn increases or affects your blood pressure. You should try to avoid frying and try adopting cooked or baked foods. Steam is also a good option to prevent salts and fats from the meal. A vegetarian cookbook can give you a good idea for all of the vegetables and their proper and healthy cooking methods. A vegetarian cookbook usually contains cooking methods for cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprout and much more. A blood pressure conscious person should adopt this cookbook and learn all the facts and figures of salts and fats from it.

Keep vegetables as your primary food

You should only consume vegetables in order to lower your blood pressure. If you think it is impossible for you then you can go for vegetable juices. Low sodium vegetable juices are proved to be very healthy for a high blood pressure person. You should have at least five servings of vegetables a day.

Learn about calories, fats and salt content

Learning always helps you in short as well as long term. You should learn the about the main figures of any vegetable. This will help you calculate the best amount of sodium and salt for canned vegetables. Brussels sprouts, cabbage, green peas, boiled potatoes, squash and similar more stuff should be the major constituents of your diet.

Other major vegetables which lower blood pressure

Bitter melon, carrots, tomatoes, flower vegetable and leafy greens are few vegetables which are considered as the best cure for a high blood pressure patient.

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