Water Infection in Women

Water Infection Treated for Women

Water infection is one of the most common problems affecting women the world over. The symptoms of the infection may vary from women to women. Pregnant women are at a greater risk. It is important to get treated for water infection at the right time, so that the kidneys and other organs are not affected by it.

Water infections are commonly referred to as urinary tract infection in women. Almost 50-60% women suffer from it at one point of their life or the other, reason being the shorter urinary passage in women; it is for this reason that UTI’s are more common in women than men. One woman in five suffers from UTI during her life. The infection can happen in any part of your urinary tract like the kidneys, bladder or urethra.

Causes of infection in women- Sexual intercourse with multiple partners is considered to be an important cause. Use of a diaphragm during birth control, waiting too long to pass urine are the other causes. Pregnant women, women who have diabetes are also at a greater risk of developing an infection since they have a weak immune system. Losses of estrogen accompanied by changes in vagina due to menopause are other important causes.

Elderly women who suffer from various nervous system diseases too are prone to get the infection. Some women are more prone to get infection than others, those women who have an enlarged prostate gland also runs the risk of getting an infection since the flow of urine is slowed down. Those women who drink less of water too can get kidney/water infection.

Symptoms of infection- The symptoms of urinary infection mainly include burning and itching sensation in the urinary region, sometimes the area becomes red, the woman may want to urinate more frequently, the tendency of urinating at night increases all the more, the urine may have pus or blood, it may be of foul smell. There may be pain in the lower abdomen and just above the pubic bone as well. The woman may have the feeling of nausea and often chills, shakiness too may be present. UTI may occur in infants also.

Treatment of infection- Most of the times water infection are recurrent. They go only after a complete antibiotic course has been taken. Medicines should be continued even if the symptoms have disappeared since there is a tendency for the infection to come back again and again. This will aggravate the situation all the more. Cranberry juice or pills are found to be effective in treating this infection. It is important to consult a doctor at the earliest before the infection becomes even more painful. The doctor may ask for urine test and few more tests like cystoscopy. It is important to maintain proper hygiene to prevent the infection. Drink as much water as possible. Always wash the genital area after sex and avoid having multiple sexual partners. Also urinate whenever the need arises.

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