Ways To Prevent Malaria

Available Ways to Prevent Malaria

It is always true that prevention is better than cure. Malaria is a vector borne disease that is transmitted by mosquitos. There are several ways to prevent malaria. If you are aware of these, you will surely be free from the possibility of getting malaria. In order to gain information regarding this, it is best to scan this write up.

Malaria itself is a serious disease. It is not just your health which will be at risk once you acquired this condition but this will also add burden to your pocket. For you to avoid this, it is best for you to have an idea of the available ways to prevent malaria.

Information on Malaria

It is said that malaria is an infectious disease caused by mosquitos. Mosquitoes are just the vectors of the disease and this is particularly caused by the plasmodium genus named eukaryotic protists. Malaria is very much common in subtropical as well as tropical regions. These places include America, Asia and Sub-Suharan Africa. Malaria is common in such regions because of the weather conducive in the growth of the vector. There are four main Plasmodium genus involved in the occurrence of the disease. These are

  • Plasmodium malariae
  • Plasmodium ovale
  • Plasmodium vivax
  • Plasmodium falciparum

Stagnant Water Removal

It is important to prevent the possibility of acquiring the disease before waiting for it to affect many people. Health agencies are advocating the practice of some of the ways on malaria prevention. Since the vector of the causative agent of the disease is mosquito, the first preventive way in order to decrease the possibility of malaria occurrence is the removal of stagnant water. Specifically, mosquitos are always found harboring in stagnant water surface. They are laying eggs and propagating in non-flowing water most of the time. When you found possible breeding places like stagnant water in your house, you have to remove it and turn the breeding medium facing flat surface.

Use Mosquito Nets

It is a given fact that we cannot totally remove all the mosquitos which will cause malaria. In connection with this, it is advised to use mosquito nets when you are sleeping. The attack of the mosquito causing malaria usually happens during night time. This is not like the mosquito which causes dengue hemorrhagic fever that attacks during dawn up to 6pm. That is why this preventive measure will totally help you. You can purchase mosquito nets from the market available near in your place.

Utilizing Insecticides

Another way which can prevent the possibility of malaria occurrence is by means of using insecticides. Insecticides are preferred over fumigation since in fumigation, you are just chasing away the mosquitos. In using insecticides, you are not just chasing mosquitoes away but you are actually killing them. You can use these insecticides in your house especially in your room. Regular spraying of this is advised in order to fully kill the mosquitoes that may bite you and the rest of your family members.

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