Ways to End Pregnancy

How to End Pregnancy

There are various ways to end pregnancy. But what you opt for depends upon your stage of pregnancy. You need to consult a gynaecologist who will tell you which is the best method for you. There are a number of ways in which pregnancy can be terminated like the Herbal Abortion, Menstruation extraction

There are a number of ways in which pregnancy can be ended. The termination of pregnancy is however easier in the early months but if done in the later stages there are certain risks involved. Also in the earlier stages more options are available while in the later stages complications can arise.

Herbal Abortion

One of the important options available to terminate pregnancy is the herbal abortion. Though not considered to be the surest method in ending pregnancy but it seems to work in almost 40%-50% of the cases. If you have opted for herbal abortion and it has not been successful then it is very important that you follow it up with the clinical abortion since there are chances that the herbs may cause birth defects or any other complications during the pregnancy. Herbs are used for abortion during the time when the embryo is developing the foundations of various organs in particular. So it is necessary that you go for clinical abortion. Though you can perform it at home even but you shouldn’t take the risks. You stand a chance to risk your life so better be careful.

Menstrual Extraction

Yet another option available is Menstrual Extraction. Though it is a very lesser known option and is not much preferred. In this method, it is possible to remove physically the fertilised egg. But in this method help of mid wives must be needed and the pregnant lady alone cannot perform the same, since it will be quite difficult to do it by your own self. But what you need to know is that both of these methods should be resorted to before the 8th week of pregnancy.
Yet another important aspect is that you should certainly consider a gynaecologist before you decide on any of the options. She will certainly give you a better idea. It is also possible that she might ask you to go for clinical abortion rather than the above two mentioned before. She is certainly true since these home methods are not very reliable ways of getting an abortion done and also the risks involved are quite acute and grave.

Aspiration Procedure

The doctors may also go for Aspiration Procedure. It is a non surgical type of abortion and is somewhat similar to Menstrual Extraction. With the regard to the amount involved in abortion you don’t really have to worry since government and various NGOs provide the financial help in this regard.

Ending pregnancy is not an easy task. It requires an expert and dedicated doctor so be sure that the doctor whom you are consulting is well trained in this. Have a medical abortion if you are afraid of surgical procedure. The medical abortion will require a few tests which need to be conducted. The doctor will give you a few pills that will begin the termination of your pregnancy.

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