What Causes Diarrhoea after Eating

Diarrhoea and Its Causes

Most of the people asks as to what causes diarrhoea after eating. There are many which suffer from this kind of a problem. In order to control the situation it is essential to know about diarrhoea and its causes as well. Try to go for stool test and blood test to know the real cause of the disease.

A number of times people might be suffering from diarrhoea after eating their meals. Diarrhoea is basically the loose stools which are being passed after eating the food. If this continues for a considerable long period of time then it is said to be chronic diarrhoea. Sometimes however, there might be a change in the frequency of the bowel movement which might vary from person to person.

The situation at times might be so grim that you might even find it difficult to reach the toilet. This is said to be quite chronic one. Apart from this, just after passing the stool you might feel that yet another bowel movement is about to come.

Causes of Diarrhoea

One of the basic causes of Diarrhoea after eating is the allergy to any particular food basically gluten. Yet another cause is the irritable bowel syndrome, which is said to be quite difficult to diagnose as to where lay the roots of the problem. IBS is also said to be the opposite of chronic constipation.

It is also believed that the body doesn’t like eating something and you are constantly forcing the body to take that particular food and hence diarrhoea might occur.

If this is the case you need to be quite cautious of what you are eating, try to see the food which you are taking. Sometimes it is also desired that you get yourself checked by a good doctor who might inform you as to what the problem exactly is.

It has also been seen that a number of people suffering Diarrhoea are allergic to lactose which is present in the milk, so it is suggested that you avoid milk and all the other dairy products at least for a few weeks and then see whether there is any change in your bowel movement or not. Most likely you are going to see that your situation has improved a lot.

Treating Diarrhoea Effectively

It is indeed essential that effective remedial measures need to be taken to prevent diarrhoea in the future. The most important step is to avoid all the gluten related food items and go for soybeans, quinoa, corn, millet which do not contain gluten in them. It is also essential to know whether you are having any of the hormonal changes, or you have been taking improper diet for all this time period. You should therefore go for blood test followed by stool test to know the prime aim of diarrhoea.

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