What Causes Thrush in Babies

Causes Thrush in Babies and How to Treat It

Babies within the age of two months old and below are prone to a yeast infection called as “thrush” that ordinarily affects the inside of the mouth and in the tongue of newborns. Do you know what causes thrush in babies and how to treat it? Knowing the causes of thrush in babies is important to all the mothers out there.

Knowing the Causes of Thrush in Babies and its Symptoms

It is quite strange for a mother with a newly-born baby to see her little angel with “white patches” on the inside part of the mouth or in the tongue’s area. This occurrence inside the baby’s mouth is referred as “thrush”. It is mainly caused by the development of yeast infection, in particular the Candida Albicans, a type of yeast that is natural within the digestive system of the human’s body.

The most common symptom if a baby has thrush is when there’s trouble while feeding her (including breastfeeding) due to soreness and sometimes the baby is fussing for unknown reason. Some mothers might initially think that the white patches within the roof or sides of the mouth of the baby are just milk curds which were left behind after feeding milk or breastfeed. Thrush is very common to babies on their first two months after birth.

The Causes Thrush in Babies and its Treatment

Since yeasts are common inside the body, there are instances that the body can’t control its normal level due to poor immune system and this result to yeast infection. This condition is very apparent to new born infants and this is the reason why they are vulnerable to the said infection. Doctors also explain that thrush is also possible to happen on babies in cases that the mother is taking antibiotics while practicing breastfeeding. The reason behind this is that certain antibiotics are exterminating the “good” bacteria in the body, making the thrush fungus to become more prominent that initiates the infection, according to babycenter.com. In addition, hormonal changes also cause the imbalance over the normal level of yeast in the body.

During pregnancy, a mother with vaginal infection has greater possibility of infecting the baby with the Candida fungus. Therefore, it is crucial in the last three months before giving birth for the mother to be treated to avoid of further infection to the baby.

Treating the baby to get rid of thrush is very simple and not costly for mothers even without buying OTC medicines. Typically, thrush last for several weeks and may come and go if the mother is not careful when breastfeeding. The following are simple steps to treat thrush on babies and how to prevent it:

  • Use Acidophilus or Nystatin to apply in the baby’s mouth.
  • Wash the baby’s mouth with water after feeding milk or breastfeeding to remove the milk deposits.
  • Feeding bottles and pacifiers must be sterilized after use. If the mother is breastfeeding, let the nipples to be dry before and after.

Baby-safety-concerns.com has more tips on how to prevent thrush on babies.

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