What to Buy for a New Born Baby

Things to Buy for New Born Baby

What to buy for a new born baby is a tough task facing the parents, especially if this is going to be your first child. Make sure you have a list prepared of all the things required for new born baby. Try to buy the best products for your baby.

Birth of a new born baby is one of the happiest times for the proud parents, but it also brings in lots of responsibilities for the parents. The new born baby requires not just attention and care but you need to set up a complete new wardrobe for him. Apart from the clothes there are so many more things which are a must to have for your new born baby.

The shopping for the baby products begins soon after the baby is born, the only difference being whether the baby is a he or she. You try to buy the best for your baby especially if it is your first baby then the feeling is all the more warming.

Things You Need to Buy

There is so much to buy for the new born baby. It is good if you prepare a complete list for what you need to buy, most important things being the baby’s clothes and food. Apart from that you also have to buy furniture for the baby.
These form the necessities. With regard to baby clothing and laundry you should buy at least 5-10 onesies, 5-7 baby sleepers or night gown for the baby, you should also see if the baby is going to be born in the cold weather season or hot weather season and thereby prepare accordingly. Even in the summer months it is suggested that you at least one cold weather sleeper for the baby. Buying baby socks too is required, don’t ignore the same along with a cap.
You should also buy a complete list of baby diapers along with the bath items. This includes disposable diapers, 4-5 baby washcloths, baby wash, digital thermometer, cloth wipes. Along with this, you should also buy a soft towel for the baby. You also need to buy bottles for baby feeding if you desire.

Baby Furniture

Don’t forget to have cushions for the baby furniture so that the baby is in no way hurt. For making the baby eat the food, there comes the Nuby Soft Edge Hot Safe Spoon., it is soft and your baby can eat with ease.
When you go to the market you can find that there are a number of baby bath products like the Hudson Baby 3 Burp cloth, Fisher Price Sparkles Tub, Hooded Towel with 4 wash cloths. Along with that 7 Piece Layette Tote Set, 5 Piece Baby Bunny Layette Set.

Make sure you have also brought some of the soft toys for the new born, these should be in various colours which attracts the child and makes him happy.

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