What to Do For a Stomach Ulcer

Tips on Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcer is also referred to as gastric ulcer. In the recent surveys, there is an increase in the people who are experiencing this kind of health condition. These alarming reports will now impose something on the concerned people. This is what one has to do for a stomach ulcer.

Stomach ulcer must be taken seriously by those who have this health condition. When this is not given some proper attention, it can lead to more serious complications such as internal bleeding.

Proper Food Chewing

When you have ulcer, see to it that when you eat, you chew your food properly. In the case of gastric or stomach ulcer, there is a damage in the lining of the stomach. This means that there is gastric wound. When you eat foods, it can irritate the compromised surface leading to intense pain. Aside from that, binge eating will cause too much excretion of acid in your stomach cells. This leads to irritation again of the affected region in your gastric organ. Small frequent meals must also be observed when eating.

Use Antacids

Gastric contents causes increase in the stomach acidity. This is one of the main reasons why there is intense pain felt in this kind of condition. In order to lessen the acidity of this, you can take antacids. There are the medication groups that are responsible in neutralizing the pH of the stomach environment. Example of this is ranitidine. However, do not just take the over-the-counter antacids that you may find. Ensure that you have finished physician consultation before taking any drug of this kind. There are other drug interactions that should be known before taking this drug.

Diet Modification

Diet modification is also a must in patients with gastric ulcer. There are certain foods that must be avoided in order to feel relief from this condition. Once you have this, see to it that you will avoid taking spicy foods. This will definitely increase the secretion of gastric substance in your body. Aside from that, you should also limit or avoid intake of alcohol, soft drinks and other carbonated drinks. Same principle applies with this. As you ingest these liquid, you are giving way to increase production of gastric acid in your digestive system. And this will irritate the wounded portion of your stomach.

Avoid High Fiber Foods

In cases of stomach cancer, you must also avoid taking high fiber foods. Fiber is basically effective in cleaning your digestive system. The function of this is like broom that swipes away the dirt present in your digestive system. Just imagine when you increase your intake of fiber. There are wounded parts in your stomach and it will be swiped by the fiber present in your food. As a result, there will be irritation that will happen leading to exacerbation of the pain level.

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