What to Do If You Are Naturally Hairy Women

How to Treat Lots of Natural Hair of Women

Naturally hairy women are always pressurized to remove unwanted hair from their bodies, particularly underarm, leg and facial hair which make them unattractive. They can remove noticeable hair through bleaching, waxing and other removal options.

Higher level of testosterone is common in hirsute women having extreme hormonal response to their sexual organs. Naturally hairy women usually experiment hair growth on faces, breasts and stomach and other parts of body. At times they feel distressed and extreme level of embarrassment keep haunting them. Such situation arises because they keep facing an abnormal growth of ‘masculinising’ androgen hormones. These hormones travel in the whole body by passing through the blood streams. Reduce them to sort out hairy problem.

Have best control over androgen hormones by reducing them through drinking two cups of spearmint tea daily, and practice the same for several days to have best result.

Out of the many categories of hairs that hirsute women face, vellus is not too much bothersome as it is non-pigmented and doesn’t impact to hormones in the body. But terminal hair is extremely problematic due to its longer, coarse and darker shape. Later category has greater degree of link with hormones in the body. Naturally hairy woman must therefore understand the variances and zero upon effective solution for the removal of body hair.

Removal Options: Drastic change has occurred nowadays for solving hirsute problems. Some therapists guide naturally hairy women to choose oral contraceptives that have good control over androgen production and or select effective prescribed medicines including spironolactone which acts promptly in preventing body to respond to androgen hormones. Women may also choose valuable natural remedies. Spearmint is best natural alternative available these days.

Various natural ingredients can be applied in the preparation of excellent home-made creams. Such creams not only remove hair from skin but also turn it shiny. A natural cream can be prepared from boiled whites of two eggs kept in the cup of rose water for few seconds and ¼ teaspoon of alum powder being added in it. These items are mixed until they become fluffy. Once it is ready the mixture is applied on hairy skin. One must wait for sometime to see the result.

Embarrassing Situation: Naturally hairy women might hide hairy portion of their bodies with clothes but it is not ultimate solution though. Waxing is best for removing dense and long hair. On contrary bleaching is suitable for smooth fine hair. But neither waxing nor bleaching is permanent solution for hirsute women who should repeat the process on regular intervals. Give serious thought to it in solving the issue. Don’t loose self confidence on such petty matter.

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