What to Do for Coughing Toddler

Problem of Coughing in Toddlers

The problem of coughing in toddlers is faced by almost all the parents, it could assume serious direction if it is not checked at the right time. Sometimes coughing is also accompanied by wheezing, so what to do for coughing toddlers, well the first thing is that they should not be dehydrated.

Toddlers suffering from coughing is a common problem and most of the times the parents are tensed as what to do in order to cure them.

Treating Coughing

There are a number of home remedies for curing the toddlers of cough. You can always bank upon these home remedies but sometimes the coughing might be serious and in such a scenario it is quite essential that you consult a good doctor. Most often cough in the small babies occur due to sinus drainage. Sometimes the mucous gets drained into the throat and this might cause blockage and thereby coughing. At times irritation might also occur and the problem gets worsened.

What to do for Toddlers Coughing

Karo syrup is considered to be quite effective in soothing the throat and provides relief. But before you buy the syrup make sure it should not be having excessive sugar in it or else this might lead to certain other problems as well.
If your baby is suffering from excessive coughing make sure he is made to stay away from the tobacco smoke which might prove to be quite hazardous for the child.

Make sure you toddler is not dehydrated so keep giving him enough of fluids at regular intervals of time. Many times excessive coughing might even lead to fever and the baby might be feeling sleepy. In such a case it is better to give paracetamol or acetaminophen to the baby but only after consulting the doctor.

There are times when the coughing might occur if the child has inhaled a foreign object, if the coughing persists it is essential that you ask the doctor to go for an X ray of the chest to make sure everything is fine. There are times when the child might suffer from wheezing with cough, if this is the problem with your toddler waste no time and immediately go for check up of asthma as it might be a symptom. Most of the doctors the world over are against giving the baby suppressants, decongestants, since they can be too hard on the child.

It is recommended that you use a cool mist humidifier, you can also take your child out in the evening so that he inhales fresh oxygen. You should give him a bath with lukewarm water only. Vicks vaporizer too can be good for you, it also gives relief to the nasal and throat of your baby and hence he can feel much better than ever.

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