Why Do People Need Dialysis

The Purpose of Dialysis

What are the side effects of dialysis? Different types of dialysis? How does dialysis treatment work? How long will a patient undergo treatment?

Each individual have two kidneys as big as the fist. It has the form of a beans placed underneath the rib. All body waste such as food and drink are being filtered by the kidney through the blood. Urine is combination of waste and water that fills the bladders and needs to empty to discharge toxin in the body.

Once the kidney stops eliminating the waste from the blood, it is an indication that the person will be required to have treatment through dialysis, it only means that the kidney is not working or functioning the way it should be.
Problems will be occurring once you are experiencing kidney malfunctioning such as: body aches in the muscle and bone joints, uncomfortable itch and rashes, sleeping problem, person feels restless and tired, experiencing a low count of red blood cell or anemia and losing weight f

The Purpose of Dialysis

The basis for dialysis treatment is when the kidney cannot perform the function of filtering the bloods waste in the body. Dialysis executes the task of the kidney by being hook up to a machine that artificially filters the blood.

Types of Dialysis

Hemodialysis is a membrane, that is man-made which partially works as a kidney, it circulates the blood in the body while cleansing it. A person will be required to undergo treatment for about at least three times per week involving a maximum of 3 hours per session.

Side Effect of Hemodialysis

After the treatment the patient would experience a chest pain, tiredness, cramping in the legs, nausea and low blood pressure

Peritoneal Dialysis uses a machine that is automated which is called a cycler that uses catheter. It flushes the fluid that goes in and out of the abdomen while the person being treated is asleep. This uses dialysate which is the same as the ions found in the blood but does not have waste. It is place in a tube where the blood will circulate during treatment dissemination happens, waste is being remove and ion is being carried in the body through the blood.

Side Effect of Peritoneal Dialysis

Taking precaution such as sanitation and hygiene is required since catheter is being used as it may cause infection

Which is a better treatment: Hemodialysis or Peritoneal Dialysis?

Hemodialysis is a treatment that requires at least 3 times a week with a 3 hours of procedure, this is being done in hospital or clinic that provides such service so it means the patient needs to travel while peritoneal dialysis can be done at home and procedure is being done during the night while sleeping and the patient will be attached to the machine for about maximum of 10 hours.

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