Will Aspirin Lower Blood Pressure

Can Aspirin Lower Your Blood Pressure

Though aspirin is often used for lowering blood pressure but it should be taken only if being prescribed by the physician. The doctor investigates case with thorough assessment of blood pressure level then prescribes aspirin if required. You may be asked not to take aspirin if the body metabolism doesn’t suit it. It is therefore impossible to make universal opinion about aspirin for lowering blood pressure level.

Most common dangerous step we take is use of over the counter medicines (OTC) without bothering to consult expert physicians. It creates difficulties for health, so is the case with the intake of aspirin to treat low blood pressure. No doubt it is one of the medicines to lower the impact of blood pressure but it can’t be used in all cases. Don’t rely on blood pressure readings only before you buy medicines. Situation turns worse if aspirin is taken without being prescribed. In fact today aspirin has emerged as a most abused medicine. We take aspirin to lower blood pressure but we are not aware of the reality whether it has any impact on it or not.


You can compare the benefits of diuretics and aspirin on the basis of several important grounds. Main purpose of prescribing diuretics is to keep control over salt and water from the body that has causal relation with blood pressure. You should also think over the fact that such feature is not available in aspirin hence there is no question of taking this medicine to control low blood pressure. It can be taken in combination format if such requirement occurs. You can’t remove excess sodium from the body through aspirin.

Similarly when you study beta-blockers and aspirin minutely you observe that beta-blockers are prescribed for keeping control over heart beats so that it impacts on blood pressure that turn normal. But such features are not available in aspirin. That is why you can’t claim that they can be taken to lower blood pressure. Various other categories of medicines are available in market that is advised for keeping control over blood pressure. It is therefore advisable to avoid self medication that is not only dangerous but also problematic for overall improvement in health.

Final Assessment:

It should be kept in mind after knowing all the factors that aspirin has no role in lowering blood pressure. It is still prescribed as combination medication to such patients. The purpose of doing so is to create a situation in which blood is aptly diluted through thinning to maintain overall body fitness. Aspirin also helps to control the impact of other medicines taken. When such factors are with you aspirin automatically works well and result is felt that is often misunderstood as one of the options to treat low blood pressure.

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